Can you party smart? Let’s talk Booze.

By San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Why do we drink, what does it do for us, when is it a problem, and what can we do to drink in a way that’s good for us? San Francisco community members gathered at the San Francisco LGBT Community Center on November 4 to discuss these salient questions and the role that alcohol plays in our lives at “Real Talk: Can You Party Smart?” a public forum hosted by San Francisco AIDS Foundation.


Michael Siever, PhD, founder of The Stonewall Project and Magnet, moderated the event. Panelists included Hunter Rose, an HIV testing provider at SFAF and former bar-back at bars in the Castro; Anibal Mejia, a harm reduction drinker and behavioral health services provider at the Mission Neighborhood Resource Center; Carlton Paul, a long-time bartender at SOMA’s gay cruise bar Powerhouse; Sean Allen Murray, a community member in recovery; and Patt Denning, PhD, a service provider and harm reduction expert. Many community members also joined in the open dialogue to share their thoughts and experiences related to alcohol.


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