Each month, 2.7 million drinks are consumed at gay bars in San Francisco. How many of those did you have?

See how your drinking stacks up to other queers in San Francisco! Take this 3-minute, confidential quiz. You may qualify for a free, in-person session to talk to someone about how to wake up flawless after a night out.

(We love our sober friends, but you might be bored by this quiz! Find out more about Strut and Castro Country Club.)

People who complete the in-person session may be eligible for a $40 gift card!

What do you like to order on a night out on the town?

You wake up on Saturday after a night out. How are you feeling?

Tell us more about you.

What was your sex at birth?

What is your current gender identity?

In the past 3 months, have you had anal sex with a man (as a top or bottom)?

Now, on to the fun part! Just a few technical questions about drinking for ya.

How often did you have a drink containing alcohol in the past year?

This is getting good.

How many standard drinks containing alcohol did you have on a typical day when you were drinking in the last year?

Shhhh… we won’t tell.

How often did you have 6 or more drinks on one occasion in the past year?

How does your drinking compare to others?

This score shows how your drinking—how often and how much you drink—compares to other people who go to gay bars in San Francisco.

Are you right in the middle compared to your peers? Lower? Or higher?

Come on in for a chat—Rich is here for you.

You may be eligible for a one-on-one meeting follow up and a $20 –$40 VISA gift card. How would you like to proceed?

For more info:

Rich Lugo, EdD
470 Castro St.
(415) 437-3439

Thanks for participating!

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Unfortunately, you don’t qualify for the in-person counseling session at this time.

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Thank you again for your participation!

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